tiistai 27. elokuuta 2013

New songs are taking colors and shapes. Three weeks have gone in very intensive song writing atmosphere. And lots of work are ahead still.

About the writing... When we find a great idea for a song, we agreed to spend days on arranging it and still, we don't  find the correct form. So the songs live on until we are completely satisfied with them. We are not yet there. It is very challenging, but also very liberating to imagine as if the band would be around. You don't need to do any compromises and the whole musical world is open. You are like exploring what is there.

In general, I(Juha) do very much of the base of the song. Then we sit down and talk together with Epi about the song arrangements and drum patterns. The song can turn totally new on this stage.
Last time, I wrote and recorded the almost whole package at once. This time, we do first demos of the songs and then record all its glory again. One of the reasons ie., is that there is so wide range of guitar sounds and we want to choose the most appropriate on that particular purpose. Hopefully we will succeed.

Here's a small snippet of the songs in the making( shooted with my better camera this time ;) ...). We thought maybe this is too much music for listening at this point. But on the other hand songs may change so radically still, so what the heck. And you should bear in mind that these are recorded in the camera's microphone(and demos...)... We are very excited about the new music and we have found a good writing mood. More to come!


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