keskiviikko 21. elokuuta 2013

First of all, we are sorry of the image quality. The camera was about to fall apart, which we discovered only afterwards. So these clips are definitely the best of what we could save. Right at the beginning of this year I went through wrist surgery, so I couldn't make music at full condition. So we are really not dead. Recently, the album has already begun to take shape better.

I found in some old photo. It brought a lot of memories, and also what kind of choices we make in our lives. The options, whether good or bad, they’ll change our course at all times. One wrong choice and you will find someone else living in a life that is not yours. Does it cover you or do you want to look for the bus back to the life you live to the fullest?  We have the time to enjoy what we intended. We face many people in our lives, but who really stays in your mind and why we do not all behave as we behave towards ourselves?  Mind can only hold a very limited amount of information at any given time, and I am aware of most of it, but still information continually will flood over me. These are just thoughts which mill around as album is building up. However on this day there's someone in the world thinking of you. So put big smile on your face, good music and new updates are coming!


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